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Manufactures,Importers & Exporters of Tanzanite and Emerald

Tanzanite's in our stock are of varied shapes, color and sizes. We manufacture tanzanite of the following shapes.

Oval, Octagon, Trillion, Heart, Cushion, Round, Pears, Marquise, Square.














We are focused on making items that are the finest examples of extraordinary craftsmanship, charming shapes  from  excellent quality raw materials. 

Sophisticated equipment and tools are used to give shape to beautiful designs. Our team of craftsmen are highly skilled - they are proficient in cutting various stones in distinct fashions.

The color of  tanzanite is trichroic: that is, it shows different colors when viewed in different directions.Tanzanite is a very special and unique gemstone. Its blue colour which shimmers in a slightly purplish blue is magnificent indeed. Its  one of the mosought-after and popular gemstone in the world. Its name reminds of the world-wide unique occurrence in the east-Africa state of Tanzania. Tanzanite is in fact blue variety of zoisite gemstone. Tanzanite , ranging from ultramine to a light purplish blue. The hydrated calcium aluminium silicate miner achieves only hardness 6.5 to 7 on the Moh's scale, and is thus not very resistant. Therefore it should be worn with care, never be cleaned by ultrasonic method and never come into contact with acids.

One direction is blue, another purple, and another bronze, adding subtle depths to the color. When tanzanite is found in the ground, the bronze color dominates. However, with gentle heating, the cutter can watch the blue color bloom and deepen in the stone.
The color of tanzanite is most intense in sizes above ten carats. Smaller tanzanite's are usually paler in color. Tanzanite's which are more blue rather than purple tend to be more expensive because the crystals tend to form with the blue color axis oriented along the width of the crystal instead of the length. However, the quality of the "cut" is important to value of the stone. If a gem were not cut properly i.e. if it is cut too shallow or too deep or too wide so it's not balanced , then the stone would be worthless than a stone that's properly . Our designers take a great deal of pride in the detail and craftsmanship of their work .